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We have compiled 5 recent tunes, utilizing the new Rhodes Mark 7, recorded at the NAMM Tribute Concert to Harold B. Rhodes.

It is a pleasure for us to let you hear the new Rhodes played by artists such as George Duke, Jeff Lorber and David Benoit.

On these recordings you will hear these new Rhodes Pianos:
- Jeff Lorber is playing the 73 Rhodes Mark 7 A (active) with Rhodes Sound Platform.
- David Benoit is playing the 73 Rhodes Mark 7 A (active) with the Rhodes Sound Platform on the third song, on the fourth song he is playing the Rhodes 61 S (Passive) on a Rhodes Telis Stand.
- George Duke is playing the Rhodes 88 AM (Active Midi) on Rhodes Telis Stand
with a pair of the Rhodes Sound Systems, located on each front side.


Enjoy, listen to the music while cruising our website!


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Jeff Lorber
George Duke
David Benoit
Jeff Lorber, David Benoit, George Duke
George Duke, Jeff Lorber