Patented highly accurate sensing technology
Unlike conventional keyboard sensing technologies, the method used in the Rhodes continuously keeps tracks of even the slightest movement of every single key. This results in a very accurate capture all nuances of the performance. It is fine tuned in collaboration with experienced pianists and keyboard technicians for getting superior velocity response.

Class Compliant USB MIDI
No hassle with driver installation, just plug into your Mac or PC, the operating system finds and installs all necessary components and the Rhodes appears as a USB MIDI device. Windows XP, Vista or any Mac OS X is needed for this. USB MIDI communication is bidirectional, meaning you can download and upload patch information.

The good old standard MIDI in, out and thru. MIDI in can be mixed to both MIDI out and USB, while data received from USB can be transmitted to MIDI out - probably the heaviest USB MIDI interface in the world!

Pitch/Modulation wheel
These controls allow you to send pitch bend and modulation wheel messages to MIDI and USB.

Polyphonic Aftertouch
For many the holy grail of master keyboard capabilities, though very few contemporary keyboards are capable of sensing and transmitting this. Unlike normal Aftertouch, also known as Channel Pressure, Polyphonic Aftertouch transmits pressure for each individual key. With this, timbre modulation of individual notes can be achieved. The Rhodes MIDI senses and sends this with the full resolution MIDI offers. Of course those who don't need it or fear the amount of data could heat up the MIDI cable can switch this feature off.

Monophonic Aftertouch
This is pressure data for the whole keyboard, the normal aftertouch everybody knows.

Pedal sensor
The sustain pedal movement is continuously measured, so for those rare sound engines that use half pedaling, it can be used to transmit continuous data. Standard transmission format is of course simple on and off.

Convenient User Interface
A backlit 2x20 character LCD and a push sensible encoder offer easy access to the master keyboard functions. Here it is possible to store and access patches consisting of split zones, velocity curves, channel settings and more, just everything needed to use it as a convenient master keyboard. In addition, there is a potentiometer to control the volume of external equipment.