In 1987, the Roland Corporation purchased the Rhodes trademark. The subsequent instruments they produced, the Rhodes Mark 60 and Mark 80, were digital and bore little resemblance to the real Rhodes electric pianos.

In 1997 Harold reacquired from Roland the rights to the Rhodes trademarks with the help of Joseph A. Brandstetter. Harold also received the prestigious Presidential Merit Lifetime Achievement award given to him by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences later that year.

Joseph A. Brandstetter later acquired all the rights to the Rhodes trademarks from the Rhodes family, establishing the new Rhodes Music Corporation.

Letter from the CEO

I knew Harold Rhodes over a fifteen-year period of time in the twilight of his life. We both held music as our primary works, accomplishing much over the years and sharing a good relationship.
Hundreds of hours of discussions and working with this musical genius was a blessing in my life. He became my mentor, as we worked to improve education, electric pianos and even some new instrument designs.
In 1997 I assisted Harold in acquiring the Rhodes trademark from Roland. That was one of the happiest days in Harold's life, because he had never retained the ownership of the trademark bearing his name. He told me afterwards "thank you Joe, I thought I would never see this day".
I saw to it as well that same year that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences finally recognize and award this great American icon with their most prestige's honor the Lifetime Presidential Merritt and sponsored a ceremony at his retirement hospital courtyard. This was very special for Harold for it was the acknowledgment (at age 87) from his peers and industry greats.
Over many years together it was impossible for me to really grasp the magnitude and brilliant depth of his mind, but there was a joint belief that music is a gift from God and that the playing and receiving of it should be experienced by many more across the world.
About the need to continue and improve his musical achievements, I promised him I would do my best.
The new Rhodes Company is very proud of our introduction line to be released to the market in summer of 2008 and intends to keep the quality and innovative standards that the musician has become accustomed to from any product bearing the name of Rhodes.

Joseph A. Brandstetter,
CEO, Rhodes Music Corporation

David Benoit, Sergio Gonzales (back), George Duke, Joseph A. Brandstetter, Jeff Lorber at Namm - Harold B. Rhodes tribute